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Two New Transcriptions: Ab Lib Blues/Lester Young and Freddie Freeloader/Miles Davis‏

Si voleu aprendre a tocar blues amb els grans mestres, visteu les dues noves transcripcions: 1-Ab Lib Blues/Lester Young’s transcription: 2-Freddie Freeloader/Miles Davis’ transcription: carles

Two New Transcriptions: Take Five/Paul Desmond and Bag’s Groove/Miles Davis‏

If you wanna learn how to play two well known jazz compositions (Take Five/Bag’s Groove) from the great masters, don’t forget these new transcriptions: Take Five/Paul Desmond and Bag’s Groove/Miles Davis 1-Take Five/Paul Desmond’s transcription: 2-Bag’s Groove/Miles Davis’ transcription: You can buy (in Concert Key/Bb/Eb/Bass Clef) and download them here: Enjoy&Kind regards,