Citizen Jazz: Review CD “Ahí te quedas”

Jeune saxophoniste espagnol, Carles Margarit nous offre ici son premier disque sous le label Satchmo Jazz. Avec Ahi te quedas, Margarit nous propose un voyage dans l’univers du hard-bop « moderne ».

Son jeu oscille entre puissance et délicatesse. La présence de deux saxophones dans un même quintet peut s’avérer périlleux. Cependant ici, Raül Reverter et Carles Margarit jouent un jeu parfait. Chacun connait sa place, laissant l’expression musicale très libre. Appuyé par la rythmique solide composée de José Reinoso, Rai Ferrer et David Gómez, Carles Margarit nous montre qu’il est capable de plein de choses et que son avenir sera riche.

Un album à l’image de cette maison de disque espagnole qui sait faire se révéler les talents.

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Review CD “Ahí te quedas” All About Jazz

Carles Margarit | Satchmo Jazz Records

By Mark F. Turner

The transfer of knowledge from the past to expressions of the present is profoundly voiced on Ahi te quedas by saxophonist Carles Margarit. Though representing the full post bop idiom – full of glorious swing and intensity, the music is executed by young musicians with new musical timestamps of todays jazz.

An active member in the thriving jazz climate of Barcelona, Spain; Margarit is one the rising musicians involved in many music outlets in performing, composing, and leading his own group. His debut recording features a quintet with two saxophones, piano, and rhythm section. The opening title piece which is loosely translated “There You Remain” has a soulfully up-tempo vamp and informs your ears that this group can seriously play with strong saxophone harmonies, dynamic piano work, driven by a fiery bass and drum section.

But to also prove a point in terms of scope and contrast the next piece “Cançó de bressol per a la Joana” is quietly introspective – again marked by a soft tenor and alto harmony with distinct contributions from each musician. Margarit shows fine composing skills penning six of the eight pieces. “By Myself” has a chameleon-like subtleness with elements of modernism, avant-garde, and ethnic roots featuring stirring piano by José Reinoso. You can hear both historic Harlem and current Hip Hop rhythms on “Bee Bop” featuring some exceptional solos by Margarit’s smooth tenor and his alto compliment Raül Reverter.

History is reconsidered with deep admiration on the unspoken dedication titled “Dear John” as Margarit’s tenor fervently echoes homage to John Coltrane with music that imbues a sense of spiritualism. Whether giving new life to the Hammerstein/Kern classic “The Song is You,” the head bopping groove “Scoop,” or the lush bass/sax duo remake of “Loverman,” at forty two minutes Ahi te quedas is a brief but satisfying recording that is reflective of the past and contemporary.

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